Used Aircraft Inventory and Services

Our used aircraft capabilities range from single and twin engine piston to turboprops and light jets. We will take any aircraft on trade but keep only the best in our inventory.

Before we place an aircraft on the market for resale, it is given a thorough inspection by our Service Center technicians. Any faults are remedied or the aircraft is rejected.

Our high standards mean that any aircraft from Air Orlando will be among the cleanest, best maintained on the market.

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Seller's Agent (Broker Services)
In addition to Trade-In aircraft, Air Orlando is also a highly respected Seller's Agent or broker. Selling an aircraft can be a painstaking process full of financial, legal, and FAA paperwork. Many of our clients don't have the time or expertise to resell their aircraft for maximum value, so we are happy to help. We handle the advertising, marketing, pre-qualification of potential buyers, negotiations, and all the closing paperwork required by the buyer's bank, seller's bank, FAA, insurance companies, taxing authorities, and title companies. All you have to do is tell us where to send your money! If you're considering selling your plane, call us today to learn how we can make it as quick and profitable for you as possible.

Buyers Agent
Whether this is your first or 101st aircraft, purchasing a plane can be a daunting task. As aircraft sales experts, we know what to look for in a high-quality used aircraft and we know where to find them. In addition to all of the public and private listing services, we have access to private dealer networks of unadvertised aircraft. As your Buyer's Agent, we take you through the entire process, stress-free! We provide a one-stop shop for finding potential aircraft, obtaining financing, performing a pre-purchase inspection, insurance, FAA paperwork, ferry/delivery pilots, and even aircraft management.

Export Specialists
In today's interconnected world, the aircraft marketplace has become truly global. In addition to our domestic operations, Air Orlando specializes in exporting aircraft all over the world. We have exported aircraft to many different countries in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. Whether you are buying or selling, let us open up the entire world to you.