Selling an aircraft is a complicated and time-consuming process.  Anyone can place an airplane on the market but getting your aircraft’s full value is going to take some work.

A small part of the process includes:

  • - Evaluating the market, establishing a price range for asking and probable selling prices.
  • - Photographing the aircraft and scanning logbooks
  • - Advertising in print and on the internet
  • - Fielding phone calls, including questions, accepting offers, handling counter-offers, securing the purchaser and setting up inspections.
  • - Providing potential purchaser services to ease their process, making them more likely to buy your aircraft. These services include recommending title companies, finance sources, insurance agencies and tax consultants.


As an experienced Broker, we handle all the details. From market research to final paperwork, we take the stress out of selling your aircraft and ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investment.

Don’t take chances in this highly competitive market.  Air Orlando Sales has the resources and experience to be your representative in this process.

Fees range from 6% down to 2%, depending on the value of the aircraft and the complexity of the transaction.

With Air Orlando you’ll have peace of mind knowing an experienced professional will sell your aircraft quickly and for as much money as the market will allow.