Ascend 172 and Leaseback

Yingling’s Ascend 172

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If you’re in the market for high-quality remanufactured aircraft, the Ascend 172 by Yingling may be the answer. 

The Ascend 172’s comprehensive remanufacture involves a rigorous process of new parts, inspection and renovation beginning with a major engine and propeller overhaul, all new digital engine gauges, radio, navigation systems and analog flight instruments. The transformation is complete with an updated appearance package, including a total renovation of the interior and new paint.  

The Ascend 172 is perfect for flight schools, flying clubs, and individual pilots in search of affordable aircraft in with modern enhancements.

For information including price, standard features and available options, give us a call.

Reduce the Cost of Aircraft Ownership with Leaseback

If you’re looking for ways to make aircraft ownership even more affordable, this may be the answer. “Leaseback” is a management/marketing agreement between aircraft owners and flight schools that allows you to:

  • -Establish an Aviation Business that helps you reduce or even eliminate the cost of aircraft ownership.
  • -Reduce or eliminate your sales tax burden on the purchase of a new airplane.
  • -Have a flight school or charter company professionally manage and market your aircraft.               

Setting up a leaseback isn’t difficult but with the significant tax advantages and documentation requirements, we recommend consulting your tax advisor for details. If you need help locating an accountant familiar with aviation benefits, we know firms that can assist you. Please contact us for more information.